Understanding Physical Space in Psychology

There is a lot to understand about humans and their living spaces. Where humans reside and spend most of their time actually takes a significant demand on their psyche, whether that be good or bad. We try to understand some of this so we can help people make the best use out of the space that they have.

Optimizing your area is something that most people want to have, but never seem to master. Much of the time, rooms end up how they are because that was the way things were moved into place and not much fact was taken on optimization. Sometimes, a room is configured ¬†due to the ways that a room creator set it up and it’s not for the person who is spending their time in it.

this is people in a cage that are going crazy

There are many influences into a room, including the furniture, the walls, amount of other life in the room, electrical products, and the synthetic ones. All of these are factors, and most of it is unnatural for the Earth. So it is up to us to decide what kind of context we want to utilize our space for. Is it business, is it relaxation, is it social, is it luxurious?

What is Feng Shui? It is the harmony that is present between a person or people and the area they take up. It has become popular, and some Wikipedia reading about Feng Shui may help you figure it out.

feng shui

There is a somewhat rhythm to Feng Shui, and it is discovered among the complexity in the room and restored upon completion. Having Feng Shui can accelerate business, and present a calmness in a room. It is the difference between Yin Yang. People are able to work better, relax better, and socialize better in an atmosphere that has feng shui. There is much reading on the subject of Feng Shui. Lam Kam Chuen is a popular Feng Shui author.

Study a little about Feng Shui, then come back to see what more we have to talk about psychology in our places.

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