Psychiatric Disorders

There is a wide range of mental conditions that are present in the current age, which are manageable. Below, we look at some of the most common mental disorders affecting many people today, and which among others are necessary to have information about.



This is a condition which primarily affects the brain pat cerebrum and it is common in people from the age of 60 years, but has isolated cases for other ages. It is the condition, which leads to other conditions such as the Alzheimer’s ailment. By definition, it is associated with poor judgment and reduced memory and identity. Dementia before the age of 60 years is called presenile dementia. This disorder is acquired hence the reason it normally occurs at old age. Reduced intellectual ability is one of the clear signs of the disorder. Treatment of this condition mainly involves psycho-treatment both from the doctor and the relatives.

My grandfather was suffering from dementia as he got very old. It’s very sad because the young people that he knew he soon no longer recognized. In his later years, he was running a local pest control company, and he began to no longer know who most of the people who worked for him. It’s so sad because he was such a bright man throughout his lifetime and he was no longer thought of as a thoughtful person and most people just began to feel bad for him. You could tell he was very lost in his mind and it must of caused him to pass sooner even though he was in good health.

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2.Bipolar confusion

This is a mental disorder mainly associated with young people from an average age of 20years, affecting both male and female equally. The condition is majorly seen in the unpopular conduct and behavior, associated with suicide and self-hurt tendencies. Pharmacotherapy is a major treatment option for bipolar confusion, as mostly what is needed are the state of the mind stabilizers, such as lithium and valproate.

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Uncommon in young people and children, schizophrenia is a mental condition associated with mental imbalance. This is to mean that the brain does not function 100% as required. Normally it comes with reduced intelligent quotient, reduced probability of living freely, mental subjective shortages just to mention but a few. Drug and substance abuse is one of the common causes of this mental imbalance. This includes use of cannabis and alcohol. As a result, behavioral misconduct becomes part of the equation, including and not limited to tendencies such as shoplifting and use of abusive language. This condition is more of a social problem rather than a physical problem.

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Treatment involves psychotherapy from both the doctors and the relatives. It is advisable to treat and manage Schizophrenia at an early age, because it becomes hard to manage when it continues to adulthood if it occurred during the youthful years of the patient.


Psychiatric disorders and conditions are well dealt with at the initial stages, and hence close monitoring of the possibilities of the various mental symptoms should be done to ensure that the right decisions are taken immediately.


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