The Challenges Facing the Psychiatric Practice

It is very unfortunate that, psychiatry is widely overlooked yet it deals with the most important aspect of the human body. Relative to other medical fields, psychiatry has limited awareness created in the world over and hence less information and concern about it. These mental conditions have been in existence since the very beginning of humanity, and should be very well understood by now. Other conditions such as HIV, Aids, and cancer has existed for only several hundred years but have been well considered by health practitioners and world as whole, leading to proper management into less fatal conditions. Some of the outstanding challenges include:

you gotta pay for pain and suffering

1.Limited research

With the high-level technology advancement, research is being done on other health conditions affecting the world today and very little is done on psychiatry. To begin with there is no incentives in indulging into this kind of research to come up with information and treatment solutions. There is tons of other advancements in other areas of the world. Architecture, This leaves us with no option than to use the outdated information and knowledge to treat and manage the conditions, some of which mutate into new conditions hence requiring new ways to deal with them.

2.Limited resources

Living in a world that has limited economic resources especially, leads to struggle for allocation. Today, you will find that a state has many normal hospitals but only one, or even no mental facilities. This clearly shows that even the government’s side line this very important field, not knowing the great impact it has currently and in the future. World organizations such as the World Health Organization should push for more allocation into psychiatry.


3.Pyschiatric misconceptions

Regardless of the times that we are living in, some people still have misconceptions about psychiatric conditions. Some see these conditions as death sentences; hence do not even try to seek medical assistance. This has to do more with the lack of information about the field making many people to operate from ignorance. Patients are seen as burden to the families, and hence neglected or closed up somewhere in a sole room. This should not be the case, as it only makes the conditions worse not to mention violation of human rights.

these people are on a psychology disorder

Moving forward, we need to enlighten each other on the basics and knowledge of psychiatry, to enable us have the right and accurate information on the mental conditions and their relevant treatment and management. Right information is power and everyone should pursue it.

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