Basic Psychology

In a layman’s language, psychiatry is the branch of medicine, which deals with the study of disorders of the brain and their respective treatment and management.

Mental disorders have been in existence since the very old days, but unfortunately enough concern has not been given to this part of medicine as it has been given to other health conditions such as HIV Aids, diabetes just to mention but a few. There is a form of conclusion that these form of diseases cannot be cured and hence the neglect of the field. Little research is continually being done to ensure that solutions to the many psychiatric problems are found.

Dealing with the brain is one of the most critical jobs in the health and medicine field, Therefore, all doctors should have at least basic psychiatric knowledge so that they can be well equipped to help the patients they attend to, regardless of the health conditions. For instance a doctor treating Cerebral Malaria will need utmost psychiatric knowledge in treating those kind of disease.

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Most students shun away from the field of psychiatry either on the excuse that it is a difficult field or the mere fact that they did not receive more insight and information concerning the field while they were making the decision. More mental specialists are required in order to reduce the number of psychiatric cases, which turn fatal and mitigate the impact as a result of mental disorders.

Many deaths have been associated with the victims not being in their right mind, especially suicides. By having more psychiatric doctors, we will be able to reduce the mortality rate by a big margin.

It is important however, to get the clear distinction between psychiatry and neurology, which are almost similar but different. Neurology is the study of diseases of the brain with physical pathology and clear symptoms. It basically deals with physical brain ailments, while psychiatry has a wider scope dealing with mental disorders, whether having physical ailments or not.

Symptoms of psychiatric conditions are normally very clear, as they are evident especially in the behaviors of the victims. When it comes to the diagnosis, tests are carried out to ascertain the actual condition and later on treatment is administered. The treatment ranges from counseling, medication and therapy. Psychiatric conditions are manageable and thus, should not be neglected. In addition, it is a fun field, learning how the brain operates.


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