Basic Psychology

In a layman’s language, psychiatry is the branch of medicine, which deals with the study of disorders of the brain and their respective treatment and management.

Mental disorders have been in existence since the very old days, but unfortunately enough concern has not been given to this part of medicine as it has been given to other health conditions such as HIV Aids, diabetes just to mention but a few. There is a form of conclusion that these form of diseases cannot be cured and hence the neglect of the field. Little research is continually being done to ensure that solutions to the many psychiatric problems are found.

Dealing with the brain is one of the most critical jobs in the health and medicine field, Therefore, all doctors should have at least basic psychiatric knowledge so that they can be well equipped to help the patients they attend to, regardless of the health conditions. For instance a doctor treating Cerebral Malaria will need utmost psychiatric knowledge in treating those kind of disease.

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Psychiatric Disorders

There is a wide range of mental conditions that are present in the current age, which are manageable. Below, we look at some of the most common mental disorders affecting many people today, and which among others are necessary to have information about.



This is a condition which primarily affects the brain pat cerebrum and it is common in people from the age of 60 years, but has isolated cases for other ages. It is the condition, which leads to other conditions such as the Alzheimer’s ailment. By definition, it is associated with poor judgment and reduced memory and identity. Dementia before the age of 60 years is called presenile dementia. This disorder is acquired hence the reason it normally occurs at old age. Reduced intellectual ability is one of the clear signs of the disorder. Treatment of this condition mainly involves psycho-treatment both from the doctor and the relatives.

My grandfather was suffering from dementia as he got very old. It’s very sad because the young people that he knew he soon no longer recognized. In his later years, he was running a local pest control company, and he began to no longer know who most of the people who worked for him. It’s so sad because he was such a bright man throughout his lifetime and he was no longer thought of as a thoughtful person and most people just began to feel bad for him. You could tell he was very lost in his mind and it must of caused him to pass sooner even though he was in good health.

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The Challenges Facing the Psychiatric Practice

It is very unfortunate that, psychiatry is widely overlooked yet it deals with the most important aspect of the human body. Relative to other medical fields, psychiatry has limited awareness created in the world over and hence less information and concern about it. These mental conditions have been in existence since the very beginning of humanity, and should be very well understood by now. Other conditions such as HIV, Aids, and cancer has existed for only several hundred years but have been well considered by health practitioners and world as whole, leading to proper management into less fatal conditions. Some of the outstanding challenges include:

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1.Limited research

With the high-level technology advancement, research is being done on other health conditions affecting the world today and very little is done on psychiatry. To begin with there is no incentives in indulging into this kind of research to come up with information and treatment solutions. There is tons of other advancements in other areas of the world. Architecture, This leaves us with no option than to use the outdated information and knowledge to treat and manage the conditions, some of which mutate into new conditions hence requiring new ways to deal with them.

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Psychiatric Appraisal and Evaluation

In my line of work, I have hired many people dealing with psychiatric issues, it has become common place nowadays for functioning people with psychiatric issues to find work.

A psychiatric patient is a critical type of patient and the doctor needs some extra knowledge not only how to administer treatment but mostly how to identify the exact condition of the patient. Appraisal aids the administration of the treatment leading to partial or full recovery of the patient and hence a very important stage in the whole process. For this field of medicine, the appraisal and evaluation does not only involve the normal tests as any other health condition, rather it involves some in depth conversations and observation of the patient. As a result, the process takes different time lengths, which depend on the patient’s condition.

As a psychiatrist myself, I worked closely with a group of people that took care of senior citizens. They were actually from my home town, and provided in-home senior care. They provided to me many ideas about their own conditions and felt they could self evaluate themselves. Many people think they know themselves well, but, after working closely with a psychiatrist, another professional person may find out some stuff about you that you are not aware of. Which was the case for many people on this staff that had some sort of easily diagnosable disorders they displayed. Most of them actually were not surprised at all to hear the diagnosis, but never considered themselves to have those symptoms until they were brought to their attention.

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Psychiatric Treatment Modes

Psychiatric Treatment Modes

Depending on the results of the patient examination, doctors can administer different modes of treatment to their patients. Not only would the doctor be treating physical aspect of the condition but also the mental aspect of the condition, which is actually the largest part of the treatment. Therefore, both mental and physical medications are considered.

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Mental Medication

This is the most important and delicate part of the treatment. It is more social than physical. The doctor needs to be patient and try as much as possible to relate to the situation of the patient. Some cases which the patient is not able to be calm and reason with the doctor make it even more difficult, leading to long period hospitalization and use of what could be considered unnecessary physical medication. Continue reading “Psychiatric Treatment Modes”

Understanding Physical Space in Psychology

There is a lot to understand about humans and their living spaces. Where humans reside and spend most of their time actually takes a significant demand on their psyche, whether that be good or bad. We try to understand some of this so we can help people make the best use out of the space that they have.

Optimizing your area is something that most people want to have, but never seem to master. Much of the time, rooms end up how they are because that was the way things were moved into place and not much fact was taken on optimization. Sometimes, a room is configured  due to the ways that a room creator set it up and it’s not for the person who is spending their time in it.

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